Monday, March 31, 2008

Home At Last

Hark! We are home at last. After 5 days of flying and driving and more driving and more flying, we have returned. Oh, did I mention we drove a lot.

We drove up and down the beautiful, scenic, hilly roads of East Tennessee and Virginia. Not that I minded all of that beautiful landscape, but Oi! THE DRIVING! Couple that with a baby who completely and utterly DETESTS being in her car seat (her car seat that cost us muy mucho because you know, we care about her safety and comfort, but apparently the price doesn't cover the hatred of being strapped into the doggone thing!) and it's safe to say that the driving got a wee bit old.

Did I mention the driving?

I have great and wonderful bloggy things to say....just not today. Because well...

I'm pooped.


Shelly said...

Welcome back! We missed y'all!

mindi said...

welcome back!! I hear ya on the carseat thing. Thankfully they do outgrow that hatred :D

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a beautiful ride! And yes, I also know all about the hatred of the five point harness. I have three little people who let me know how they really feel about it whenever we take a long trip. They are actually quite good, but I can understand how uncomfortable it would be to be in the same position for many, many hours at a time.

Enjoy being home again!