Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Maybe a mini-break

Allright, chaos has broken out once again in Castle Monk. Dear hubby is pretty much throwing up toenails and not leaving the vicinity of the bathroom. Oh how I despise those pesky stomach viruses!

Did I mention the fact that I'm still trying to finish up painting the family room? Or that I'm in the middle of putting up the Christmas decorations? Or how about the fact that I signed up to do a craft fair on Saturday and have not sat down at the sewing machine ONCE! Not to mention the fact that since The Mad Monk is sick, I am in charge of finishing up getting the music ready for the Christmas program at our church, which no less has to be finished by tonite.

Oh, the organizational nightmare has begun!!! This is why I'm blogging instead of doing -- it's my way of being in denial. What a shameless wretch I am at times.

At any rate, depending on how the situation starts to unravel, it may be a day or two before I post again. Since I know for a fact that hundreds of you wait daily with baited breath for my next post (yeah...right) please feel free to go visit Kim C. She is very much hilarious and hasn't had a blog much longer than I, but does have quite a following already. She was already nominated for a Blog Award. I'm not bitter...really, I mean it.

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