Monday, November 28, 2005

My Disappearance From Blogdom

Unfaithful blogging is not something I'm proud of. The Mad Monk even questioned me last evening about it. I hung my head in shame because I had recently chastised him over this same issue. As valid as my reason seemed, I knew I needed to right my wrong. So, here's my lame-o excuse.

The holidays are coming upon us and I, of course, decided to paint our family room and rearrange it for our guests we will be having over the oh okay, I did it for my own selfish reasons, but it was something that truly needed to be done. I haven't had time to hardly clean anything in my house much less blog. This is not good for an already organizationally challenged kinda gal. Actually, I am thankful that my kitchen table is clean, the majority of the dishes are clean and no one is searching for clean undies yet. With that said, here is what our family room looked like today at 2pm: Most of the painting is done in this picture with the exception of touching up some of the trim. My walls are "Dusty Timber" and the trim is in "Coconut Milk". The Mad Monk, in true guy fashion, calls it tan and cream. At any rate, I hope to post a "finished project" picture tomorrow. Blessing to you all! Posted by Picasa

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