Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Dresses

So Granny (my mom) sent the four little girls new dresses that she had made for them. They all wore them to church today. Me, being the good daughter that I am, had planned on taking pictures so I could send them to her.

So she can, you know, prove that she has the cutest granddaughters ever. Like anyone else had a chance. As if.


In the hubbub of the morning, pictures didn't happen and by the time we got home from church, the two bigger girls had shed their dresses for something more comfy. Dang. Since I was down to the two smaller ones, I knew that I had to move fast lest someone spit up, have a blow out or get into the butter and ruin my chances for any pictures at all.

Yes. Hope eats the butter. Straight from the dish. All the time.

So we went out onto the front porch and this is what followed...

We tried really hard for a good one together, but you see how that worked for us!

new dresses_0105

So...we split'em up.

Charlie finally came to life...

new dresses_0119

And this one was definitely a keeper had it not been for Madgirl's orange toes in the background. And the lovely stream of snot running down Charlotte's nose. Orange toes and snotty noses aside, I just love a gingham dress on a baby girl!

new dresses_0127

Charlotte wants Granny to know that her dresses arent' just for wearing...they're delicious as well! And just so you know...after we finished taking pictures I most certainly did NOT use that dress to wipe her nose. No, I did not.

new dresses_0128

I thought Charlie's pictures turned out pretty stinkin' cute. Even if they were a little snotty.

And Hope's? Well, you just need to see for yourself.

We should have known with this first shot that things were going to get interesting. You can see the deviousness brewing behind her eyes!

new dresses_0108

I said, "look at Momma's camera Hope!" and this is what I got...

new dresses_0110

If you can look past the tongue, her dress really is quite cute.

Smarmy kid.

Then we tried to distract her. I said, "Hope, show Momma your nose!". And this is what I got..

new dresses_0113

...a proud parenting moment, I assure you.

So you think Granny should show that one to the little old ladies at her Baptist church in Tennessee?? They might need to hold a prayer meeting right then and there. Sing a chorus or two of Just As I Am or something.

This would be why my mom has coined the phrase, "the wild one" when referring to Hope. ::sigh::

Then about 2 minutes after that last picture was taken, Hope jumped off the porch, tripped over her sandal and did a face plant on the cement. Road rash all along the right side of her forehead and just below her eye, plus a slightly bloody nose.

Yep. The Wild One. I need to go pray now.


Madgirl said...

Hahahaha My baby girl is so cute!!!! Luv my Hopers. :)

Reese's Pieces said...

Haha SO funny! I laughed so hard with the fingers up her nose. I love that wild one of yours!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sweet, sweet girls. And what a good Granny!

I love the crazy, spontaneous moments cameras capture :)

You certainly are ownin' that camera, girl!!! Great job!


Christine said...

So very precious. Could Hope be any cuter?!? What a charmer!

Carla said...

Those are the cutest baby girls. Hope just scares me. At least you have Charlie!

Jessie's Girls said...

Ah yes, I have a hard time believing there are any mothers out there who do not occasionally (or frequently) use their children's clothing as a snot/drool/mashed banana goo wiper. I have to try to be more covert in these operations nowadays though, since Theia is almost 3 and does not miss a beat.

Jennifer said...

Hope is hilarious! My aunt used to sneak onto the table to eat butter straight out of the tub. She turned out great. Actually, she sews my kids clothes too so Hope is bound for greatness. HA! :D
Has anybody said that Charlie looks like her daddy? Does she or am I crazy?