Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What a guy!

I really do have a great husband. The Mad Monk is such a wonderful husband I've decided to blog soley about him today.

Top 10 reasons I love The Mad Monk:

10. He has an really neat blog name!

9. He has never treated me poorly.

8. He is most eloquent in his speech and literary abilities.

7. He's my best friend.

6. He has a great sense of humor (I'm sure he would want this to be number 1 !)

5. He sees the bright side of things.

4. We can lay in bed and laugh at stupid stuff for hours.

3. He is gentle.

2. He is a GREAT daddy!

1. He is a godly man, great provider and wonderful leader in our home.

Okay, the last one has two extra things, but they are all of #1 status importance.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know what a great guy I married. Go read his blog. He has some great stuff to say. I should know, I hear it all the time. :)

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