Monday, December 19, 2005

It's baaaaaack!

Virus #53,658 has struck once again. The miniestMonk of them all came down with it yesterday. She tried to warn us, but we didn't listen. We chalked it up to a little drama, which is not uncommon in CastleMonk, by the way.

Little Liv told us on the way to church she was going to throw-up. She's only two (three tomorrow...yeah!) so does she really know what that means? Apparently she does because she also warned her Sunday school teachers that she was going to throw-up. The Mad Monk and I decided to sing in the choir, leave her and our oldest dd in the back Fellowship Hall to color until we were finished, then we would go home. We never finished.

Nope. Just so happens that the Fellowship Hall is where the choir practices before going into the sanctuary. Wellllll....can you guess what happened while the choir was practicing? Yup. During Joy to the World every warning she had given came true. By the time someone had gotten my attention my oldest dd had ran Liv to the restroom (bless her heart). The Froot Loops had made another appearance and they weren't so fruity this time.

After cleaning up the mess, Family Monk went home. We now know to believe little Liv when she tells us she's going to throw-up. Apparently she needed us to learn the lesson the hard way.

By the way, she's much better today.

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