Friday, December 09, 2005

Spare 'Oom

Chronicles of Narnia hit the theatres today and we were there to see it! Woo-Hoo!

I went at 11 am this morning and purchased our tickets just to make sure it wasn't sold out. The Mad Monk, oldest dd and I arrived about 35 minutes early with pre-purchased tickets in hand and....still had to wait in line to be seated. However, all was well and we ended up with very nice seats.

I must say we were not disappointed! The movie was very close to the book and it was such a breath of fresh air to see that. I was afraid that Hollywood would have diluted it down to nothing more than mythological fantasy, but that was not the case. I'm not really sure they would have produced such a great film had they realized the strong Christian themes within it. I'm not complainin' though!

One very disturbing part of the movie occurred when Maugrin and his pack are about to attack Beaver's house when....doink!...the movie stops and the lights come on. How anti-climactic is that?!!! But that's not all! Oh no, it gets much worse. The Mad Monk proceeds to yell out from his seat, "Don't worry folks, it's all a part of the movie!". I really wanted to sock him one at that point, but couldn't get enough leverage because 12yo dd and I were too busy trying to crawl under our seats! When the movie finally came back on it was pretty crummy for a few minutes and then straightened out. However, it was crummy enough to get us 3 more movie passes at the end of the movie!! Yeah! We can see it again!

An interesting thought occurred to me during the scene Aslan is being led to his death. I realized that 90-95% of the people in that theatre had no understanding of the symbolism there. How sad that it was nothing more than pure entertainment. They had no idea that Christ was that sacrificial Lamb. The scene itself was very emotional in and of itself, but knowing that it was a type of Christ really affected me.

I hope you all get a chance to see it. It's not very often that Hollywood puts out something worth watching. I give this one an A+!

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Susan said...

I can relate to your experience with the power outage. Try opening day of The Return of the King in an IMAX theater.

As Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas approach the Paths of the Dead, Legolas utters, "The Way is Shut," then zap, the screen goes out. Only in this case it didn't come back on for another few hours and by that time they had to cancel the showing :(. I actually felt sorry for the poor theater workers who had nothing to do with the problem but were still getting screamed at by irrate geeks.

My brother's reaction when the power went out wasn't any more helpful than your husband's, either. He started cheering, since he had seen it in a midnight showing earlier that day and hadn't liked it. He was happy he didn't have to sit through another viewing, but he could have quieted his joy :).