Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All over, but the cryin'!

So, we are two days into Christmas post-partum and I couldn't be a happier gal. I will begin pulling down the decorations and the tree later today to be packed away for yet one more year. Yeah! I have had some misgivings concerning the way we celebrate Christmas as evident by some of my previous posts, however, Amy really hits the nail on the head today.

Don't get me wrong, our family will still celebrate Christmas. However, it will be with a different attitude. An attitude of simplicity. I have made statements to our extended family that The Mad Monk and I will be handling things differently in the future. Some of them still don't get it and they never will, but that's okay too.

We really did have a nice Christmas. Calm? nope. Quiet? nope. Reflective? nope. Not that hubby and I didn't want it that way...it just didn't happen....again. No big deal really. I mean I can't really expect my family to see things my way when they've done it their way forever. Did we enjoy each other? Absolutely. Did we have a good time? Absolutely. Was Christ glorified? not really. At least not by all.

Before anyone goes sucking all of the available oxygen out of the room hear me out. As I and The Mad Monk have discussed before, the world will be...well...worldly. That is the way my family celebrates Christmas. Honestly, I have one word for the way it looks when the gifts are opened; gluttonous. If the mini-Monks heard it once, they heard a hundred times, "what's Santa Claus going to bring you this year?" Am I offended. No. Will I throw a big hissy fit telling the whole family that I don't really do the whole Santa thing. No. I will, however, teach my children the Truth. I will teach them that God is to be glorified in all things. I will teach them to be gracious to their relatives who don't see things the way we do. I will teach them that even in the midst of very worldly ocassions that we, as His people, can still bring glory to Him. I will not be drawn into debating the right way or the wrong way to celebrate Christmas anymore. I have been a much more contented MommaMonk since I came to this conclusion.

During this season of gift-giving gluttony I did receive a few nice items myself. My sweet hubby bought me new knives. Sharp knives that nearly cut the tip of my finger off, but nice nonetheless. He also bought be The Waltons Season II. I'm a sucker for Grandpaw. My mother bought me a food processor. Woo-hoo! Pico de Gallo will be a whole lot easier to make now! My sister and my niece chipped in and bought me a Singer sewing machine! I'm so glad for new things to making my homemaking easier. Well okay, The Waltons technically have nothing to do with homemaking, but there is alot of homemaking in the show, right? Allright, I know, my reasoning is lame-o, but cut me a little slack here.

I will officially step down from my Christmas soapbox and again put it away for yet one more year. Whew! I am so thankful for that!

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