Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Compost Schmompost

Composting is not an easy thing. Oh allright, I'm lying, it's easy as all get out. I have wanted a compost pile for a good long time, but never thought I could get one going. I've learned that if you have dirt and some veggie scraps you can compost.

I don't know why I managed to turn something so truly simple into rocket science, but I did. I still question as to whether I'm doing it right. It's ridiculous. I even asked a lady whose been composting for years if I'm doing it right and she said yes. She recommended a compost booster to help it move along a little faster for spring, but besides that she agreed I was accomplishing my task. I'm still scratching my head and asking myself if she really knew what she was talking about.

At any rate, the purpose behind the compost is that I want to plant a garden in the spring. I have this whole suppressed, agrarian alter ego inside of me and I need to let it out. The Mad Monk says I'm glutton for punishment, but he's along for the ride. He needs to be entertained on a regular basis and he's all up for watching me make a monkey of myself. Little does he know that he will be doing the giant's share of the grunt work. Ha! I told him to wait until my first tomatoes come in. But for now, this is what he has to look at:

complicated compost pile.

a bit sad, huh? Feel free to
mock me openly.

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