Thursday, July 02, 2009

We Interrupt This Program Stroll...


Due to technical difficulties ~ as in, I have no technological prowess whatsoever ~ I haven't been able to finish working on our stroll down memory lane. Don't worry, I'll make it happen, it'll just have to be when Monk can start scanning pictures for me again.

What's that? Why does he do the scanning and not me?

Well, that would be because of the 3% rule.

What's that? What's the 3% rule?

(Do ya wanna smack me now for all the "what's that?" cracks??? You do, don't you?)

The 3% rule is as follows:

Ahem. In order to operate anything, one must be 3% smarter than the object they are attempting to operate in order for it to work.

And now y'all know why I can't scan pictures. I ain't near as smart as that thar copy/scanner/faxer machine doo-hickey.

That and the fact that ours is so decrepit you have to crank it, anoint it with oil, lay hands on it, dance necked with rattlesnakes and then...

... it just might work.

Anyway, I'm sure one day I'll figure it out, but for now I just like to sit on the sidelines and cheer Monk along. Somebody's gotta tend the rattlesnakes.

Soooooo....hopefully tomorrow we he can get the pictures scanned and I can do an all out Power Post that will cover the last 22 years. I have the perfect title for it already:

From Fabulous and Fit to Flabby and Forty.

Do we really even need pictures for that one?

Anyway, I'm in all-out Panic Cleaning mode for the big ::whispering:: 4-0 ::stop whispering:: birthday party on Saturday, so I need to get to bed. Yes, how wrong is that that I have to clean for my own dang party. Some things in life just aren't fair. Like calories.

Before I close though, I want to leave you with the picture I took immediately following the one above...


Is it just me or does she appear to be chewing something??


Anonymous said...

Gotta boogie
Gotta boogie
Gotta boogie
Gotta boogie
I gotta boogie!
(Gotta boogie)
I gotta boogie!
(Gotta boogie)
I gotta boogie!
(Gotta boogie)
Gotta boogie on my finger,
And I can't shake it off!

Looks like she ate it.....


Jennifer said...

You are a hoot! You can blame Monk for her booger eating habit, right?? It's always the dads that teach the kids those gross things! :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yes, Ma'am it does! Yummy :)

I am lost without my ever able to do/figure out/help me with anything I need electronically, Daniel.

I have to call my friend Steve instead and quite frankly, he's not got the brawn to go along with the brains ;) Miss my man...

Have a great party tomorrow!!!!!


Christine said...

She is such a cutie!