Monday, July 27, 2009

Pretty in Pink (Eye)

So, I've been a mother for going on 18 years now. In all those 18 years we've had various disease and illness of the garden variety around here. You know, things like stomach flu, Chicken Pox, Roseola, Selective Hearing...oh wait...that last one probably doesn't technically qualify as a disease.

But it is, my friends. Oh, yes. It is.


This morning sweet Charlotte woke up her usual happy self. It didn't take me long, however, to realize that her eye was not it's usual happy self. Crusty, red and watery, it was. I immediately had that sinking feeling in my gut. Could it really be pink eye? None, and I do mean NONE, of my children have ever had pink eye! How on earth did my almost 8 month old get it?

(It's those nasty shopping carts that are dirtier than toilet seats, I bet!! But I use this kind of cart cover, so I don't really think it was that.)

Now Pink Eye is not to be confused with Stink Eye. Stink Eye would be the look I give my children when they are irritating me. Or Monk gets it when he tells bad jokes. Monk gets the Stink Eye a lot. The Stink Eye has been caught on camera, but the guilty photographer, whoever they are, is forced to erase the picture lest they get the dreaded Stink Eye of Death. You do NOT want me to give you the Stink Eye of Death. It's not pretty, my friends.

Anyway. One trip to the doctor confirmed my suspicions and my sweet Charlie is now a confirmed Contagious Germ Carrying Nemesis. Or at least that's what the other girl's think. We now have Pink Eye to add to the list of disease and illness my children have had over the years. But this one, not unlike the stomach flu, is one infection I do NOT want to get!

Not necessarily because of the crusty, itchy, watery eye aspect of it either. If I get it that means I have to throw out ALL of my eye make-up and start completely over!!!

Wait a minute... ::thinking:: ::conniving:: ::evil smiling:: :: light bulb shining brightly::

That would mean I would have to buy ALL! NEW! EYE! MAKE-UP! Aw, darn! I would haaate to have to buy all new eye make-up!! ::double crossing fingers behind back:: Maybe this means that I'm just gonna hafta take one for the team, ya know?!

Wow. I digressed so badly on this one....

Anyway, here's my sweet baby with her weepy little eye, that actually doesn't look that bad in these pictures. But it gives me an excuse to show my little weepy eyed cutie, so why not!

Pink eye_0007

Pink eye_0008

(note to self: when letting the baby play with your lens cap as a bribe to look at the camera, chances are, after they've pounded it on the cement 852 times, you're gonna need a new lens cap)
Pink eye_0006

Pink eye_0001

Pink eye_0003


Jennifer said...

Oh but look at that smile! She didn't mean to break your lens cap! :) ADORABLE!!!

tad said...

Trust me Chelle, you don't want to get pink eye (sorry to burst your bubble about new eye make up) feels like your eye is the size of a golfball and at any second will burst right out of the socket, spewing it's germ filled contents all over everyone within a 20 mile....ahhh, ohhh, sorry about that. Gotta little carried away. Charlotte is adorable and getting BIG!! Sweet, sweet!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Charlie is just TOO MUCH! That grin in the last picture... how do you get anything done?!

Sorry about the pink eye! Goldenseal cures it!


Sarah R said...

My Maddie gets pink eye at least once a month. No idea why. But sucks. Make sure you wash her sheets and if she has any pillows in hot water.
Have ya'll had lice yet? Now THAT ONE is fun. *snort*

Becky said...

Poor baby.
If the stuff you get from the doctor doesn't work...and from what I have heard, it often doesn't. Colloidal Silver clears it up fast.

Christine said...

I hope your little cutie gets well swiftly.