Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, I Am So Ready and Other Not So Interesting Random Things

Well, the 38 week mark is here and I am MORE than ready to have this baby. It's not because I'm tired of being pregnant because I'm not. For the most part I feel great.

So why then?

Because I just want to meet this baby!! I want to know if it's a boy or a girl!! (which, by the way, I still am having absolutely NO inkling as to the sex of this child. Don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor!!) And I am just SO ready to hold him or her that I can't see straight!

I want the kicks to be on the outside. I want to count fingers and toes. I want to put his or her little neck to my nose and breath deeply. I need me a baby fix, y'all!

And if you must know....this thing is getting HUGE!!


And my dear Monk would like for his baby bump to go away too.

He is such a good humored man, aint' he?


In other news, if you would like to make homemade dinner rolls for Thanksgiving, then you simply MUST give these a try!

Helllllooooo? E-A-S-Y!!

I didn't make them in the bread machine like it says because frankly, I don't like bread machines, but it was easily modified. As a matter of fact, the commenter's on the recipe give step by step instructions as how to modify it.

These are SO simple and SO delicious! I kid you not! It's like crack for carbohydrate addicts!! (Not that I would know anything about either!) Monk has informed me that I am more than welcome to "practice" making them any time I would like. *NOTE: See above picture.

The WHOLE family loved them! Well, except Livvy. And that's pretty much because when I made the Pumpkin Rolls she pretty much threw up the one she was eating about 5.8 seconds after she ate it. So I'll cut her some slack in her Roll Judging abilities.

Oh, and there would have been pictures, but those suckers were almost gone in about 15 minutes! G'head, ask Monk how many HE ate?


And I simply MUST tell you all that the beast, Harley, graduated from Beginner Dog Obedience class last night. Not only did he graduate, but he graduated at the TOP of his class. He beat out all the other dogs in his abilities and took home all the prizes.

Our big, dumb lug intelligent canine and his Master. Monk looks thrilled, huh? As far as that goes, so does Harley.

Actually, he didn't take home all the prizes because Monk felt so sorry for all the other stupid less talented dogs that he gave all of Harley's prizes away. He did, however, keep the Doggie Poetry Magnets.

We've been attempting our hand at Doggie Haiku all day.

So, tell me this...if the dog can graduate at the top of his dog obedience class and do all of these wonderful, smart commands, then why in the devil does he still feel the need to eat cat poop out of the litter box?

I'm just sayin'.


And finally....(y'all are breathing a collective sigh of relief now, huh?...)

I hope y'all have an absolutely Blessed Thanksgiving!

Be thankful for all that you have and know that it comes from a good and gracious Father above.

I Thess 5:18 ... in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

(Oh, and keep praying for that Thanksgiving baby!!)

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Lizardbreath said...

I'm waiting breathlessly by the phone for that call. I'll be trying the rolls when we get back, and I'm still holding out for a boy. Just to give Monk some relief from estrogen, and to see him become a blathering goofball at delivery. Wait, he would blather even if it was a girl.