Friday, November 14, 2008

Because I Need a Distraction From the Puking

So Monk felt pretty disgusting all day yesterday. He only threw up once, but was pretty out of it most of the day. He didn't eat nary a bite I believe, save a few saltines.

We were quite certain that this was a fairly mild virus as Hope, Monk and myself were only physically ill once. Then we just felt bad for about 24 hours.

This theory went out the window when Liv began to vomit at around 3pm yesterday. That poor baby was sick no less than 10-12 times from 3pm until 9pm. It was just relentless with her. That was even after taking the Bentonite. She did manage to sleep last night, vomit-free, next to my bed.

Sleep was something that alluded me last night as I woke up hourly checking on little ones and listening for retching sounds from the far corners of the house. Thankfully, there weren't any. But to say I'm exhausted this morning would be a severe understatement.

Don't these dang viruses know that I have a baby coming and I have stuff to do?! Ah, well. So is life.

So now we wait. Madgirl and Sis are just sitting ducks. They are thrilled, don't you know.

And to distract myself this morning I've decided to just post happy pictures of happy, vomit-free days. We went to the park last Saturday to have the girls photographed with the photographer who will be doing our birth pictures. I snapped a few myself and they turned out pretty good. I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see hers!

So please enjoy and try to forget that I've talked about vomit in 3 out of 4 posts this week.

Y'all have a great weekend now, ya hear?


the almost 17 tomorrow, elisa said...

I love the pics!! So darling. The outfits are cute as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Livvy! Tell Grace and Maddie I'm prayin' for them that they don't get it!! By the way...those pics of the girls are awesome. I still can't believe how much Hope has changed! Love, T.

Jennifer said...

Those sweaters are seriously cute! Where did you find them??
(I hope the sickness leaves your house SOON!)

Michelle said...

Too late. Grace is already puking. I'm feeling as if I might get it again too. ugh. Just pray my water doesn't break while I'm barfing. ewwww....

The seriously cute sweaters were purchased at "The Children's Place". They also all have matching knit hats with toggles, I just didn't get pics while they were wearing them. The hats are seriously adorable.

It's the first time I have EVER paid full price for anything at The Children's Place. I about choked, but OH. SO. CUTE.!!

Little Loveys Mom said...

i had that 'sleeping w/1 ear open listening for that retching sound' part of being a mommy