Thursday, November 06, 2008

Come On, Tell Me What You Think

This whole "not finding out the sex of the baby" has created quite a stir in these here parts. It's either hot or cold. There seems to be no warm area on this issue.

We've either ticked off the relatives (which really was our evil plan to begin with...MUH HA HA HA!) by NOT finding out or we've been greeted with gracious kudos for building the excitement until the baby's actual birth day.

The latter was truly our goal. We simply want to be surprised.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! Don't get me wrong, I'm ALWAYS excited to welcome a new life, but this time there is an excitement I can't explain other than we simply DON'T. KNOW. A. STINKIN'. THING. And that, my friends, is exciting! I am lovin' it this way!

Despite the usual things we wonder about (hair color, does he/she have hair, size, date, etc...) the added excitement of not knowing if it's a boy or girl has simply sent Monk and I over the top. We are beside ourselves with giddiness at the anticipation of finding out if we have son or a daughter at the actual birth.

Usually I have some sort of "Mother's Intuition" at this point in the game. This time? Nada. Zilch. Zip. I simply have NO IDEA if this is a boy or a girl. And honestly, I'm thanking God for that because truth be known, I simply don't want to know.

And that, y'all, leads to my next poll. I'm gonna put the boy or girl poll today and then try to figure out how to put it in my sidebar over the weekend (um, yeah right). Y'all can vote as to what you think this baby is and give me your scientific theories as to how you know this.

And just to be fair, I'll once again let everyone know that we have one son, who is the oldest at 17 and then 4 daughters in a row (15, 8, 5 and 1).

Alrighty y'all, give me your thoughts and your votes!


JB and Cindy said...

Is it not the best to be surprised?! We swear up and down we'll never find out cuz it was so much fun not knowing w/ Harper. Not to mention it gives you a lil' something extra to push for!! Not that my birth was exhausting or anything ;). I can not wait to find out what you have- a buddy for Harper or a lil' girlfriend. Fun, fun! Love ya.

Christine said...

I love being surprised. It makes birth day that much more fun! ;)

Jason and Vanessa said...

We did not find out what we were having with our first child Kenya it was so much fun at the birth.

I will say while I was pregnant it did get hard at times but I did it for my sweet husband.

My husband Jason and my sister Destinee (who was 12 at the time) were in the delivery room when the doctor pulled out the baby Destinee said "it's a boy" and the doctor said "it's a girl" I said "what is it"? Turns out it was a girl. And we were so excited!

This pregnancy we didn't want to know what we were having, even after we found out we were having twins we decided to wait until they were born to find out what we were having. But after thinking about it over the weekend, and our good friend curt telling us we should find out what we are having so people can pray for them by name, we decided to find out. Two girls we couldn't believe it.

We have custody of my sister I was talking about earlier so we have 4 girls. I can't believe it. We need to get my husband a male dog or something... I will say after not knowing the first time and knowing this time I really enjoy knowing but my husband would rather not know... So what are we going to do next time???

There's my story,

Jill said...

We found out both times, for different reasons:

1.On the first my husband wanted a boy sooooo bad, and I didn't want him to have his first feelings as a dad to be disappointment, so we found out and it said "girl". My husband adjusted and I was ok with 9 year old son, however, begs to dispute the ultrasound findings. We were VERY SURPRISED!!!! It was the greatest moment!

2. My husband was out of work when I found out I was expecting our second, so we decided to find out. I demanded to see the actual "proof" myself in detail so I could be sure, and it was a boy, and they were right. I just wanted to be sure we had enough boy stuff and didn't need to go out and buy girl stuff. It ended up working out well.

After both experiences, I suggest you be surprised. It is much more fun, and if the Lord ever blesses us with another, I will wait to find out. Fun, fun, fun!!! I am excited for you!

TheMadMonk said...

Yes, Honey, I voted. And, yes, I voted for a boy because, despite Vanessa's suggestion, a male dog is not enough.

Lizardbreath said...

I don't know if I voted boy because I really think it is a boy, or because Monk needs a boy, or because, according to Princess, Liv wants a baby brother "so bad" because hers is so cute.

Carla said...

I went with the girl's basketball team. But I'm ok with either!!

Little Loveys Mom said...

well i have thought all of mine were boys...and i was wrong 2 out of the 4 times hee hee so if i guess girl for you that means its a boy!