Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Resting

In Momma's bed, asleep on Momma's very pregnant belly. Life can't get much better.

(And no, it wasn't a bare belly, it just looks that way. It was a white shirt. A very streeeetttcchhhhed white shirt. Like, you could bounce quarters of off it.)

Well, we're getting down to the wire here and am I ready??!!


But you know what? I'm just not going to stress about it anymore. God has been more than gracious to me these last months and I'm sure that His grace will continue to abound over the next few weeks.

Slow and steady wins the race sometimes and that's pretty much how I've been functioning the last few days. While I've been a total peace about the whole labor and birth, my spirit has been frantic with everything I have left to do to prepare for this baby's arrival. I have finally put that franticness (why yes, I did just make up that word!) to rest.

After spending several days recovering from the stomach flu and then two more days laid up with a bum foot (from the pizza sauce jar that fell on it), it finally dawned on me, "hey, maybe God just wants me to rest". And so that's what I've been trying to do.

There is still plenty of cleaning and organizing left to be done, but it'll get there. Eventually. It already is. But I figure wearing myself out trying to get "ready" for the baby isn't really going to help me out when I actually, you know, have the baby. Pushing babies out when you're dead dog tired isn't recommended by most midwives. In addition, tired Momma's and newborn babes are not a good combination.

So, I guess you could say I'm resting AND nesting. Still doing, but not at the frantic pace I was before. Just trying to enjoy the last few days of having this big 'ol belly and resting in the fact that God is in control.

But all the same, if anybody has seen the brand new, white, newborn onesies that I washed and folded the other day, could you please tell me where in the world I put them.

Lamentations 3:22-23
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.


Christine said...

How wonderful to be in the home stretch! Praying for you, that you will continue to rest in Him.Big Hugs!

Jill said...

Good for you! I am so glad you are resting! Oh, and about the onesies: Try looking in the freezer. When I was pregnant, that is where I managed to put lots of odd things. Pregnancy brain I called it. Have fun resting!

mindi said...

You are so close now - just a couple more weeks! Yea!