Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy Belated 6 Months

Charlie turned 6 months old yesterday. I took pictures, but in the crazy busy I like to call my life right now, I wasn't able to get my post up for her.

I can't believe she's 6 months old already. While I very much try not to hurry time along, my heart already aches for the time that has past. I know she's our last child and each passing day gets a little more bittersweet for this momma.

But today? Today is a celebration of her arrival at 6 months old! She is such an easy baby and we feel SO beyond blessed to have her in our lives!

We celebrated 6 months with some sweet potatoes!! She enjoyed them very much!

Sweet Potato Charlie_0090

Did you see her onesie?


You can tell she is so proud of her mother for putting such fan-cee frocks on her. Or not.


Let me just say this as an aside. The older I get as a mother, the less I appreciate fancy and the more I appreciate functional. A onesie is a perfectly functional piece of clothing. Maybe a little tacky when it talks about my child's big butt, but functional nonetheless.

Happy 6 months sweet Charlie Anne!! You are such a bright spot in our lives and we love you SO much!



Elisabeth said...

:D aw charlie! I just love her.

Hilary said...

Love the pictures..she's a cutie :)