Monday, June 15, 2009

To Take My Mind Off of the Vomiting

Well. Vacation 2009 has turned into Stomach Virus 2009. And to take my mind off all of the vomiting and diarrhea that has been going on since the wee hours of last Tuesday morning, I've decided to post some pictures of the better days of our vacation.

I bought this suitcase at the Goodwill in Tennessee and have all sorts of great plans for it, photographically speaking (and did you know old suitcases are all the rage in photography right now?) I plopped Charlie in it in front of the barn and she did not disappoint!


Oh, Charlie. You're such a doll. She makes my heart smile. :)

The lighting on this one wasn't the best, but you know what? Photography is subjective ~ and I happen to like this subject a lot!! She is so beautiful to me and growing up so fast. Monk and I nearly cried when we saw this picture. She just took our breath away. As do most of my children. ::happy sighs::


And my Liv is something else. She's her own person and even at 6 years old doesn't subscribe to what the world thinks is "in" or "cool". She likes what she likes and that's the end of it. Plus, she's beautiful to boot!! I found this skirt for her at the Goodwill and you would have thought it came from Ralph Lauren, himself. She loves it AND she rocked it!


Truth be told, by the time I took the other pictures up top, Hope was already throwing up and sick. My little spitfire has had a rough vacation. She was hit fast and hard by this virus and it has taken 5 days for her to get her fiery little personality back. But it's back. Trust me. This picture was taken right before The Plague hit. She was really sick of the camera being in her face and the look on her face let me know this was it. And it was.


So we start heading home on Wednesday morning and I'm just praying that there are no bodily incidents, if you know what I mean. Ha! Despite all of the sickness we have had a REALLY good time with our family and friends and extremely grateful for the time away. Just hoping that Vacation 2010 doesn't hold the same activites for us!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!


Carla said...

You did such a great job capturing their personalities. Hope scares me! Grace and Charlie are so cute and sweet. And Liv - you're just not sure. She looks nice, but if you look at her eyes...

Becky said...

Bummer. Be sure to leave all your sickie germs in TN. At least it LOOKS like you had a good time. BTW, I'm thinking of you each day as I watch hours of Baby week on Discovery Health. Be still my uterus! (Don't worry, I'm taping them all. Maybe we can have a Reba/Baby week night. After we've laughed our bellies into cramps, we can watch someone have a baby and remember the laughing cramps are NOTHING! Then back to Reba.)

Jessie's Girls said...

I love that picture of Charlie!

Christine said... are uber talented. Charlie looks so cute! Hope is a dollbaby. Blessings!