Friday, June 26, 2009

When the Going Gets Hot...

....the hot go to the water park!

I don't have much photographic proof because frankly, I was too busy chasing an almost 2 year old around with an almost 7 month old on my hip! Not much time (or enough hands) for picture taking!

It's only 267 degrees here right now, so I figured going to the local (read: cheap) water park was a great way to beat the heat! That and I didn't feel like cleaning out my fridge.

(Procrastination: Why do today what you I can put off until tomorrow.)

It was a whole lotta fun until the two ultra tan bodybuilder moms showed up. They pretty much ruined it for the rest of us white- as- parchment, Shamu-ish types. But I'm not gonna complain. I may have been a little (or a LOT!) self conscious in all of my postpartum baby flabbage, but it was worth seeing the smiles on the girl's faces! And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that the swimsuit I wore was maternity swimsuit. From last summer.

I really should be ashamed of that, but for some reason I'm just ... well ... not.

Two really happy girls...


...and this one I couldn't keep still if my life depended on it...


We were all having a really great time until some kid pooped in the intermediate pool (not the kiddie area and it goes until about 3 feet deep). Then all bedlam broke loose. The pool had to be evacuated which Hope did not understand one eency weency bit and demonstrated her confusion with ... well... screaming. Then we watched as one of the lifeguards grabbed a long pole with a net and retrieved the offending piece of ...ummm...waste. I thought to myself at that moment:

1. What a crappy job (then I laughed at my pun!)
2. What do they do with "it" once they retrieve it?

I then proceeded to watch them dump a ton of chemicals into the pool and at that point I decided to call it a day. I know there are chemicals in the pool to begin with, but I just didn't feel right about taking my babies into a freshly chemical-ed pool, ya know?

The two littles slept on the way home and the two older ones ate everything they could get their hands on the whole way home. Why is it that swimming makes you so doggone hungry?

Y'all want to know just how tired poor Hope was? Dinner says it all...

post waterpark_0018

We decided that it was so much fun and such a great day that you know what we decided to do?

Yep! We're going back for Round 2 today!!

Y'all have a great weekend! We have a busy one planned and Monk and I will celebrate 11 years of marriage tomorrow!!! Woo-hoo!! Love that man!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy Anniversary.

Love ya,

Becky said...

OK, where is your water park? Too fun! I'm all about a day of fun that leaves the kids exhausted. Happy Anniversary!

Jess said...

I was swimming at the pool on campus while I was pregnant last summer, there was a group of kids from a day camp there too. A lifeguard blew the whistle and all the kids got out. I looked around trying to figure out if I should get out too, or was that just for the kids. A lifeguard comes and tells me in a thick accent, "someone crapped in the pool" Thinking I miss heard him I showed him my confused face and he says "Someone, how you say, s**t in the pool." I never went back.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

That last photo is priceless!! LOL!!

Reese's Pieces said...

Fun! I love the pics, and I'm glad you went to the pool, even in your old swimsuit. I am still using my prego swimsuit from last year, too! We wanna go with ya'll soon! Happy Anniversary!

Jill said...

Someone should put up a sign: "enjoy our _ _ _ l notice, there is no poo in it, let's keep it that way!" UGH! Anyway, glad you all got to have fun before the "incident". Oh, and don't feel bad. I wore my maternity swimsuit for a couple of years after my kids were born. No time to go find a new one! LOL!

mindi said...

Happy Anniversary!! I just had to say I empathize with the whole swimsuit ordeal, I just donned one for a waterpark, and MAN did I look bad. Maybe next year . . .