Monday, June 29, 2009

And the Stroll Continues...the Elementary Years

As we continue our leisurely stroll through my childhood, we will experience the Elementary Years today. These were tumultuous years for me to say the least. Or at least 5th and 6th grade were. After 4th grade my elementary school closed. They divided all of the students amongst 3 other elementary schools in the area. NONE of my friends were at my new school.

I was also the fat kid. We all know what that means.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why I have freely chosen to post these pictures on the world wide web, for crying out loud! I have spent most of my life trying to avoid looking at them as they pain me so and yet, here I am.

It must be because I'm turning 40. It's senility. I know it.

After the rage of The Shag wore off, then came the new style... the Dorothy Hamill. My mother rushed right out and got me the coolest new style. What she neglected to think about was the fact that the Dorothy Hamill looked best on those with straight hair. Needless to say, the Dorothy Hamill was a total pain in the keaster for me.

I couldn't find 2nd grade's picture so we're skipping straight to 3rd. Notice the stylish barrettes? Either that photographer needed to tell me to sit up straight or I needed some extra support at the ripe old age of 8! Sheesh!


Now the next two pictures get a little foggy for me as I'm not sure exactly when my mother hacked ALL my hair off and which on of these were first. All I know is that after the deed was done, my brother called me Michael for a solid two weeks. This was also during the time of my mom's Olan Mills obsession.

I'm thinking this one was first. I'm also thinking the bow was just lovely, don't y'all? ::smirk::


And then... the hack job. The authentic looking wagon wheel made it all better though.

Y'all. I look like a dude. A lavender wearing dude.


And lastly, 6th grade. It was now the 80's. Mt. St. Helen's erupted, there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan and I was done with elementary school! I couldn't wait to begin Jr. High! I had already bought my first issue of 'TEEN magazine, was beginning to discover my talents and most importantly, I had regained control over important hair decisions!

Apparently it was never meant to be for my clothing to look neat and tidy in a grade school picture.

Tomorrow our little journey will take us through Jr. High and High School, some of the best times of my life! My weight, my hair and my personality all begin to change! And best of all ~ there are prom pictures involved!!


Sarah R said...

Is it wrong that I laughed hysterically?
You were a cute kid, though. It could have been worse. You could have had huge coke bottle glasses like some poor kid I knew. *cough cough*

The Burkes said...

Or worse! You could have had PINK, PLASTIC, HALF INCH coke-bottle glasses, with a bowl cut.
Michelle, I don't know if you know this, but mix breeds like myself do not have the texture, face, or selff confidence to be the new kid with a bowl cut.

Hilary said...

we could have been twins in one of those pictures man!!! Olan mills they must have been giving our parents some sort of deals?!!!!

Sarah R said...

My coke bottles were purple. Word.

Jill said...

You are a brave, brave woman. I'm only brave enough to show a few of my elementary school photos. You were cute, though! Oh, and I moved to Europe in my 4th grade year! Talk about being the WEIRD kid!!! But I survived, and what didn't kill me made me stronger! LOL!