Thursday, November 09, 2006

'Tis the Season

I'm not talking Fa La La La La either.

It seems we have come upon our annual season of illness. However, if I'm not mistaken we've started a little earlier than usual this year. We normally don't start this kind of stuff until a few more weeks into November. I will say though that I am more than happy to oblige any germ a little earlier so we may forgo the holiday season we had last year! Do those faithful few who read my puny blog remember this episode from last year?

While I do have the "Crud", fortunately it is not nearly as bad as it was in January. You may read that jolly little story here.

This Morning Little Liver Pie apparently came down with "something". High fever and mild sore throat seem to be her biggest complaints, but enough to keep our maniacal ball of energy still for most of the day.

This past Tuesday my sister took my 3 darling daughters over to my niece's house to see her cutie pie of a son (my great-nephew! --my niece is 24 and I'm 37 -neat,huh?) Anyhoo, after a grand afternoon of fun, my exhausted crew came home. About 2 hours after they were home my sister calls to let me know my great-nephew started throwing up, along with other bodily functions of which we shall not speak.

We have been exposed. Dun..Dun...Dun (that was my daunting music)

The "crud" and fevers and stuffy noses do not bother me. Throwing up bothers me. Not only do I have to clean up after everyone else, but eventually I will have to clean up after myself.
This, me thinks, is not Biblical. Did Proverbs 31 mention vomit? Oh alright, alright. It is all apart of serving my family and I need to do so with a good attitude and joyful heart. But I still might have to gag occasionally. Today I warned the older children to make sure they didn't eat anything they didn't mind throwing up. They were not amused. The Mad Monk, on the other hand, thought it quite funny.

At any rate, here we are. I pray that God will once again grant me the grace and patience to make it through this season. Who knows, maybe His Providential hand will lovingly choose to protect us from that nasty stomach virus.

Just to be safe though, our trash cans are all a little closer to our beds tonite. :)

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