Monday, November 13, 2006

Me...the Fatalist

I admit it. If one could earn a degree in pessimism I would have a Doctorate.

On a regular basis I try to convince The Mad Monk that I'm a realist not a fatalist. He ain't buyin' it. I have this obscure way of seeing the absolute worst case scenario in every situation. It doesn't really matter how insignificant the situation is --I can make it worse. The humorous part about this sinful behavior is that I'm really happy at the same time. It's like Eeyore and Tigger all rolled into one. I'm

You have to admit that it is a pretty amazing ability to be able to snowball the tiniest thing into a giant catastrophe and still be happy about it. Don't ya think? The Mad Monk finds it so amusing that he has written a song about me in honor of my fatalism. You may find it here.

I have to go now...I have a headache. It's probably a tumor the size of a matzo ball.

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