Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Belated Reformation Day!

In all of the hullabaloo of running around yesterday I forgot to post my Happy Reformation Day post. sigh. How anticlimactic.

This is truly our first year in trying to do something like this as opposed to the dreaded "H" word. We didn't mention the "H" word to 6yo Sis or 3yo LiverPie and so there was no opposition. My 13yo MadGirl (a term of affection, not her attitude, kinda like The Mad Monk and MadMommaMonk) asked several questions, but seemed to be satisfied by our reasoning and soon she was saying "Happy Reformation Day" on her own! :) IkeMan just went along for the ride.

Our decision to not be apart of Halloween (the "H" word) was one that took years to finally take place. It is, invariably, syncretism at it's worst. Why churches continue to observe a Romanist holiday is beyond me. Once I started learning about Reformation Day and Martin Luther it truly puzzled me as to why churches did not embrace this.

Harvest Festivals, Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treat (which is the hot, new thing for churches around here) are all examples of Christians trying to make the world's holiday more appealing to the church. Syncretism.

Please don't think that I'm trying to elevate myself among others. I am most definitely NOT trying to do that. All I'm trying to convey is why would the church embrace this holiday, which later had pagan implications, rather than supporting the wonderful day in history when Martin Luther helped bring about the Reformation. In doing so, he recovered the doctrines of God's grace and our salvation. Praise God! What's not to celebrate in that?

At any rate, we, like so many others, had a hard time giving up the "H" day. It can be a very appealing holiday despite it's dark side. However, in doing so we have taught our children a valuable lesson on many levels.

First, we admitted we were wrong. We didn't necessarily say it, though looking back perhaps we should have. Our older children had to see that. Whether or not they agree with it now, they see that mom and dad changed something because of their conviction. This, we believe, will leave a lasting impression.

Secondly, they learned they can survive without participating in a worldly function. It is so hard sometimes, for older children especially, to think if they don't participate then they will be shunned. We are called to be set apart, a peculiar people if you may, our children witnessed this yesterday. I was especially proud of theMadgirl. She takes two homeschool enrichment classes one day a week and yesterday was her class day. The "H" word came up in class and although she has never really celebrated Reformation Day or can completely explain it (yet) she defended it. While a minority protested and said it was stupid, she stood her ground.

Third, while the day didn't go completely as planned, we spent the day as a family. I made up candy bags for each child and by the evening most of us were just short of a diabetic coma. We ate junk, watched movies and enjoyed one another's company. We can never stress enough to our children how important family is. In a day where holy matrimony is being replaced with unholy baloney and children are barely tolerated, we conveyed to our children that family is important.

Lastly, as in all things, we pray we glorified God yesterday.

So, for those of you that are perhaps scratching your head in a perplexed sorta way, let me encourage you to do these things:

1. Read about Martin Luther. The 1953 movie entitled Martin Luther is amazing. Understand the implications of what he did.

2.Study up on the Reformation.

3. Quit wondering what syncretism means and pull out your dictionary. Understand how it affects the church.

4. Most importantly, search the Scriptures.

After doing all of these things come back to my blog in 364 days and tell me Happy Reformation Day! Er...wait a can come back before then. Certainly I will have something else interesting to say in the mean time. Maybe.

God Bless.

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