Thursday, October 26, 2006

Six year old musings

As we were getting ready for church last evening, my 13yo dd asked me if I liked what she was wearing. I didn't. Some of the layering that she was doing just didn't quite match and I'm a little particular about color coordination. It was also black and gray which are wonderful colors, but too much makes someone look rather "goth" and if the blacks aren't the same....well, you get the drift. This was too much.

She told me that The Mad Monk had told her it looked fine. Okay, while I won't get into the fashion sense of The Mad Monk let me just say that he will say almost anything if he's doing something and can't be disturbed. "Okay," I say, "then wear it." Not good enough. We went through this for about 30 minutes until she finally decided upon something a little different. Thank goodness. I thought we were done.

We load up in the van and then she asks me again, "are you sure I look allright?" So I decided that she needed a little more practical lesson here. I told her that God didn't look on the outward appearance, but upon the heart. She informs me she knows this, but still, did I think other people would think she looked allright. Hmmm... vanity, vanity. I then tell her that she shouldn't be concerned with what other people think of her, but what God thinks of her.

This is when 6yo Sis chimes in and exclaims, "He thinks she's great!"

Ah, the heart of a six year old!

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