Thursday, February 02, 2006

Time For Some Routines

In an effort to resume some normalcy and order to our household after the last tumultuous month of my illness, I am *trying* to incorporate some basic routines. This would include limiting my time on the computer and maximizing my time while there. I am starting to write out my blog thoughts during the day and then be able just to type and post them later in an effort to minimize time wasted. Does this make sense? I'm hoping that this doesn't affect my charming personality and flair for humorous fodder. heehee..just kidding.

Anyway, as I've lamented before, organization is not my forte. Time management seems to be a familiar nemesis as well. When these two personality traits come head to head, all manner of chaos unfolds. As has been played out over the last month around here. However, the advantage to being sicker than a dog and flat on one's back for almost a month would be that one becomes very aware of one's weaknesses. It became very apparent that one needed some serious self-evaluation.

I came to the humbling conclusion that HAD I been more organized (in ALL aspects of the term) and HAD I controlled my time better that things MIGHT have gone a little smoother during my duration of illness. I don't mean to say that ALL was lost this last month because it was not. Some very valuable lessons were learned by multiple people involved. However, the situation could have been greatly aleviated had some basic routines been incorporated.

As I've noted before, God is not a God of chaos. He is a God of order and as Christians our lives should be a direct reflection of him. This has been such a glaring failure in my life as of late. I have for years been the punch line for many family jokes concerning some of my disorganization. I have one particular sign in my kitchen that reads: A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen; this kitchen is delirious. Again, we do not live like swine nor anything relating to porkish meats, however, there is some vast room for improvement. Through God's grace, it is my prayer that my failures can be turned into God's victories for His glory alone. While I want to please my husband, my family and myself, my desire should be to please God more. For He alone can change me and turn this mortal flesh into something pleasing to Him. As I look forward to feeling better I also look forward to becoming the woman God would have me to be. I realize that bad habits are hard to break. I realize that years of chaos will not be easy to change. However, as The Mad Monk reminds me ever so often, God's mercies are new EVERY day. That is a promise I will be claiming on a regular basis. :)

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