Friday, February 24, 2006

Something's Awry in CastleMonk

CastleMonk is never void of some kind of mischief. If it isn't the Great Barking Menace or Gigi and Tink the wonder kittens, then you can bet your right eye that LiverPie is SOMEwhere doing SOMEthing.

Our youngest offspring seems to have a penchant for doing the unexpected. She is uncannily sly and can manage to slip from view in a moments notice. She managed to do this the other day in epic proportions. She had already been caught playing in the bathroom sink under the guise of "washing her hands". This excuse could not explain the three soaked washcloths laying in the floor. She was then apprehended while shoveling large, heeping scoops of dogfood into The Great Barking Menace's bowl. Enough, I might add, to have done Y2K proud. We should have known more was coming.

Since The Mad Monk is blessed to work from home we can usually tag team one another on days like this. On this particular day we were caught unawares in a moment of weakness . I was in the family room with Madgirl and Sis. The Mad Monk walks in and chats for a few minutes. I then ask him if the LiverPie is with him in the office. No, he says. Gasp!

DUN DUN DUN (ominous music enters). We both jet from the family room into the kitchen and begin calling the miniest of the miniMonk's. She is nowhere in sight. Then all of a sudden, we hear our bedroom door slowly open. LiverPie comes crawling out of our door on all fours with her head down. We then ask her what she's been doing because inevitably we KNOW she's been doing something. This is what we found:

Apparently, she felt it necessary to explore my make-up bag and apply lipstick and mascara. She really did try for her eyelashes, but since it was unsuccessful she decided to go for the eyebrows! I think she had a nice Groucho Marx effect going here. The Mad Monk and I both agreed that the evil eyebrow thing was fitting. Also, notice the look of sheer guilt on her face. The fingers in the mouth are indicative of this guilt.

Once again, life is quiet for the moment at CastleMonk. LiverPie is free of the evil eyebrow and while discipline was not included in the above offense, she is now aware of the consequences concerning "self-expression" in CastleMonk. LiverPie makes life so interesting and fun that I just couldn't imagine not sharing her antics with everyone. Posted by Picasa

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