Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One of "those" days

Okay, I am a recovering unorganization-aholic. I think it falls under some kind of 10-step program. You know...like one step forward and nine steps back. Today has been one of "those" days. I made lots of progress yesterday and today it seems as if some anti-organization forcefield has surrounded me.

It all started by waking up 30 minutes late. I should have known my doom was sealed at that point, but NOOOOOOO....I still chose to get out of bed. I would love to be a member of this club, but I'm not quite that ambitious at this time in my life. If I'm up between 6:45 and 7:15 I'm feelin' pretty good about things. At any rate, this morning I didn't get up until 7:30. Ugh.

I had eaten breakfast and pressed my clothes (yes, I obsessed with ironing --more about that later). I was washing my face when my hubby comes in and tells me my nephew is already here (I was babysitter today). What??? 20 minutes early??? Foul, I cry. I hadn't vacuumed yet!

I managed to get passed that hurdle and out the door to meet a friend for some fellowship when lo, and behold...The Mad Monk calls and hour into my fellowshipping. I missed a phone meeting at 11:30! A meeting that I -yes I- had set up! As this is a home-based business, thankfully the gal on the other end of this meeting was not upset.

The rest of the day seemed to slide by into oblivion with nothing significant getting done. Part of this is due to the fact that my little rugrat of a nephew (he is SO cute) has learned how to crawl. I haven't had a crawling infant in a while. I am not prepared for a crawling infant. The crawling infant had to be watched like a hawk all afternoon lest he fall prey to mischief!

Lastly, I ditched dinner in an effort to hit Costco with The Mad Monk and the mini-Monks, trying to save me some time later in the week. We ate pizza at Costco. I also brought home a pizza (uncooked) from Costco for the bottomless-pit-I'm-still-hungry-14yo-son. I put it in the oven with the cardboard still under it. I burned the bottom of it. The smoke alarm went off. 5yo dd runs out and yells, ' what's that noise?" to which The Mad Monk replies, "oh honey, that just means mommy is done with dinner." He grins and tells me that I'm now blog fodder.

Alas, I have never been more thankful to see the end of one day than I have been today. I get to start over tomorrow. I will have the crawling rugrat, but I think I have found a solution to that problem. I'm going to try and take a snapshot of my idea and post it tomorrow. Thankfully, I will not be cooking pizza so the fire department can rest as well.

My sweet 5yo came in a little while ago with a pink visor on her head that she found under my bed. "Look what I found under your bed mommy!". She was so excited. She also showed me a little horse of hers that she had discovered under there as well. Then she exclaims, "No wonder you want to clean your room! You have some cool stuff under your bed!" And so it is. Tomorrow I will attempt once again to go clean up all that "cool stuff." I have to admit though...I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

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