Saturday, February 04, 2006

Once? Twice? Third time's a charm!

So The Mad Monk and I go to a homeschool conference in our area last night. It was about a 45 minute drive from where we live and pretty much a straight shot to get there. We were very excited to be there because R.C. Sproul, Jr. was going to be one of the speakers and well as Tim Lambert. Dr. Sproul is one of our favorite teachers and authors and we were hoping to get there a little early to maybe have a chance to talk with him.

The conference began at 7p.m., registration began at 6p.m. and The Mad Monk and I left at 5p.m. All our ducks were in a row. Or so we thought. As we approached the exit we were going to take The Mad Monk asked me to pull out the directions he had just printed on line. We exited, turned left as the directions said and turned left again onto the Service Rd. We were looking for and address of 4636. The directions indicated that we need only go 0.1 miles and we would arrive at our destination. We drove and drove and drove some more, but there was no 4636. We finally pulled into a church off of the service rd to look at the directions again. I asked my dear hubby if this could be the spot and he indicated that it could not because it was a church with a Christian school and this, afterall, was a homeschool conference. Hmmmm... maybe we did something wrong.

So, we continued on the service rd. and finally turned back around heading for the original exit. I then asked my dear hubby what the name of the church was that we were supposed to be meeting at. He didn't know. It wasn't important anyway because we had a physical address. He also indicated it wasn't going to be at the church that was sponsoring the event, but one that would be able to accommodate the crowd. So, we continued past the original exit to the next road up where we saw another church. Ahhhhh! This must be it we thought. Wrong. Once again, we continued up the service rd turning occasionally, thinking maybe we just couldn't see the building. Finally, we came upon the same church we first turned into. We were befuddled because it was in the 4900's and we just couldn't seem to find the 4600's. As we pulled out for the second time I decided to call my sister and have her look up the name of the church online. By this time, of course, I was starting to suffer from car sickness. When we originally pulled off of the exit we were celebrating the fact that it was only 5:45pm. Woo-hoo! Time to spare! It was now 6;15pm and the mood was getting a little somber. I was headachy and getting a little irritated at the situation.

After many minutes of her fiddling with her computer, my sister finally finds the link to the homeschool conference. Guess what? The address was 4936 not 4636. 9...6...9...6...could this fall under dyslexia? I also bet you can't guess which church it was we were supposed to be at? ONLY the one that we had been at two times previous in the last 30 minutes! But we must remember that a name was not important because afterall, we had a physical address!

When my sister revealed this important little numerical tidbit The Mad Monk knew he was going to get it! During the shrieks of laughter that followed I made it very clear that he had once again opened himself up for some good old fashioned blog fodder. He graciously and humbly admitted he was fresh meat. The guffawing continued up the service rd until we once again, turned into the same church for the third time. Third time's the charm, I guess.

By the way, the conference went very well. Sweet hubby went back today for the rest of it by himself. He managed to find it the first time today. Go figure.


Calvinistix said...

This is riveting stuff. Which blogger will get the last laugh?


Susan said...

So Michelle, you didn't mention anything about whether you to got to speak to R.C. Sproul Jr. Did you? Did he say anything about his being defrocked?

I'm not trying to be impolite. I'd just really like to know what he thinks about it all. He hasn't really said much of anything that we can find out. He's supposed to be speaking at a home school conference in our area (Denver) in June.

Michelle said...

Sorry Susan, no mention of it. As a matter of fact, we didn't even know about it that evening.

He had a pretty bad cold and it was obvious he felt terrible. He didn't stick around afterwards to chit chat.