Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Swingin' Good Time

My, oh my, what a weekend.

Monk and I have been wanting to buy our girls a quality swing set for a while now. We've debated and pondered on how much to spend and what style we wanted and so on and so forth for a good long time. We've looked at Sam's and Costco and all the other places from which one can buy a swing set. We just couldn't decide what we wanted to do.

We are nothing if not a decisive bunch around here.

Well, a few months ago, our good friend from church informed us that he designed and built wooden swing sets. For fun. As in, he liked doing it. This information thoroughly intrigued and amazed us non-handy folk and we became giddy with excitement. Our friend and Monk talked it through and it was decided upon that our new, veritable wonderland would be built over Memorial Day weekend.

That was this past weekend. Guess what I'm fixin' to show you???

This would be our old swing set. I'm sure if the city had seen it they might have condemned it. It was never even completely put together. It was suggested that we should keep it and make it punishment for disobedient children. You know, if they disobey then they can only play on the old dilapidated swing set. I'm kidding, people.

And now, without further adieu..............

Aint' it AWESOME!!

The Rock (our friend who built it) and his lovely wife, LizardBreath (my real life friend...and I don't have many of those you know, with us being so weird and all) spent the whole day on Saturday and Monday at our house. Rock sweated and toiled, along with Monk and The Boy on only one of the the hottest days of the year thus far. But them stinky, sweaty guys did such a great job!

LB and I spent the hot days in the air conditioned house preparing food to feed the hungry crew and corralling all of the children, which by the way can be a pretty sweaty job itself (there are 9 between us). Since I was feeling my usual nauseated self, LB even cleaned and organized my built-in bookshelves in our living room. She has our books organized according to subject and genre and such. (Sigh) I thank the good Lord for giving me such organized friends.

Sweet Sis, just a swangin'

Liver Pie and The Professor gazing down from the tower. The professor informed me that he was the Prince with his Princess. Whoa, boy.

LizardBreath's sweet Princess KittyKat

My Boy, putting the old girl down gently. Not me... the old swing set.

Even Fat Otis found a new perch. Stupid cat.

What a great weekend! Our girls our thrilled! Monk and I are thrilled! Shewt! Even the cat is thrilled! But most of all we thank God for great friends so willing to give of their time and talents to bless us beyond belief!

And as an added bonus...we no longer look like rednecks!!

Okay. Sort of.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a GREAT swing set!! I'll bet your girls are happy! I love the color of it too.

I'd be your real life friend... I'm kind of weird too. I'm sure we'd get along famously :)


mindi said...

That looks fabulous. Awesome friends you have!!! Now just send them my way (kidding, sort of!)
Love the pics.