Monday, May 05, 2008

He Hoes, He Hoes, It's Off To Work He Goes....and Another Gardening Update

My man workin' his way with the dirt

So, he worked by the sweat of his brow. Profusely sweating. And panting. Letting us both know he really needs to work out a little more. Or a lot. But my man did it! He whooped that garden into shape. He did, however, scare me enough that I went and got Boy to come help "whoop" things along. And he demonstrated the dominion mandate quite well, I thought.

The family who hoes rows glows SOWS together.

I will no longer call people sissies who wear gloves while gardening. My sister, who is a nurse and Master Gardener (I kid you not) informed me of all the little nasties I could acquire by putting my bare, naked hands into the soil. So, from now on.......I'm gloved.

Me in a not so attractive pose, wearing my Longhorns hat to cover up my not so attractive hair. I look like some sad, toad reject. But I'm wearing some kickin' orange gardening clogs, don't ya think?

Gotta learn'em young how to love the dirt.

And now for a Garden Update.

Good News:

- We already have our Bibb lettuce sprouting!! Woo-hoo for garden salads and BLT's!
- We already have pickling cucumber sprouting! Woo-hoo for future pickles!
- Everything seems to be growing quite nicely.

Bad News:
- The stupid birds keep messin' in the garden.
- We have yet to see nary a carrot sprout. I'm not an experienced enough gardener to know if this is because it is a root vegetable. Must investigate.
- 3 of our 4 tomato plants have tomato blight. Blast the blight! My sister T, the nurse and Master Gardener (I kid you not), has informed me that I will need to dig them up and replace them with new, non-blighted plants. That or they would require chemicals to treat. And since we are of the anti-chemical mindset....guess what? We gotta ditch the plants.

Not so bad. Not great, but not terrible. Things we can work with and deal with effectively. Not like the Tomato Bug Infestation of 2006 that annihilated our bumper crop of tomatoes. Now that? That was sad.

Now, if I could just convince our cat, Fat Otis, that this giant plot of dug up soil is not a personal litter box created just for him, we'd really be in business.


Heather said...

:-) i'M A MASTER GARDENER TOO! Although I don't work with the extension offce anymone (these short people that live with me want me to teach them stuff and FEED tham - can you belive it??)

Make sure he new tomato plants ar bright green with no signs of blight - as well as whichever ones are sitting near them on the shelf - and GET THE SICKIES OUT --

as for gloves - I still garden barefoot and gloveless...

mindi said...

I need a garden - I miss it!!
Always gardened gloveless, too, and have not gotten an infection yet :) I love the feel of the soil, and wouldn't do it any other way :D

Shelly said...

I don't garden but if I did I'd prefer gloves so I don't get dirt up my nails!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Lots of memories come back from looking at your photos! My mom always had massive gardens while I was growing up. The one I remember the most was the garden that had clay for soil. Fun, fun times.

Those ARE some kickin' orange clogs!

My mom had quite an episode with blighted tomatoes a few years back. She was sooo sad! Hope your new tomatoe crop is bigger, badder, and better than ever! ;)


Christine said...

Those clogs rock!