Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Painfully Pictureless

As you might have noticed, I haven't posted a whole lot of pictures since returning from our little jaunt East. Do you want to know why?

Well, I'll tell you anyway.

My computer, being the hateful, moody girl she is, has decided she will no longer accept my USB cord to my Kodak camera. I've wooed her, coaxed her and begged her to no avail. She has chosen to no longer recognize or even acknowledge my Kodak's existence.

It reminds me of the time when I was at Sixth Grade Camp and a hateful, moody girl named Michelle Wright told everyone to ignore me. And they did. For one whole day all of my friends ignored me. When I would talk to them, they didn't even acknowledge my existence. Well, except one. Jenny Raupp. She and I became most excellent friends after that day and remained friends through high school. We also acquired the nickname of "The Puddin' Heads" one summer at Band Camp. But for reasons of time and quite frankly, boring you to death, I won't go into that right now.

Now you might be asking yourselves why I'm comparing my computer, specifically my CPU, to a horrific Sixth Grade Camp experience. Well, let me tell you.

Computers are a lot like pre-teen girls. They have a wealth of information about anything and everything, yet all of it may not be true. They also remember everything you've done for past umpteen months, but with one false move they might erase you from their memory forever. They both take a boot to get going and if you make them mad they tend to lock up and shut down.

In comparing my computer issues to the issues I encountered with a certain girl at Sixth Grade Camp, I've learned some things about myself.

One, I'm an adult now and while I have never, nor will I ever, treat another human being with such disdain, I realize in her immaturity and childishness, this girl was looking to further herself by hurting me. The computer? Not so much. Although, there are times where I could swear it has a personal vendetta towards me.

And two, in my youth I chose not to stand up for myself. I let these girls get the best of me and I willingly forgave them without even expressing my hurt. So desperate for acceptance, I let myself become someone else's punching bag, figuratively speaking, of course.

And where does this all tie in with the computer? Well, where as a child, I acted as a child when I was hurt. And as an adult?

I'll just take the dang computer out front and run over it 1 or 158 times with the Windstar.

It's nice to know I've grown and matured so much since I was twelve.

* My wonderful, computer literate hubby fixed the problem and has the old girl downloading pictures once again. I told you she had it in for me!

Have y'all ever heard of the 3% rule? One must be 3% smarter than the object they are working with. I think this pretty much speaks volumes about me and the computer. Well, me and a lot of other things too, but that's for another post.


mindi said...

I hope you get it fixed soon, or roll over it and get a new one :) Make sure to take pictures :D

Jedi Miller said...

You should take it to Best buy and let their geek squad lose it then you can sue them for millions and kajillions of doallrs for lost time and stuff. The you can take us out to dinner with your new found fame and fortune :)

or you can get Monk to load it on his computer and transfer the files over... I like the first idea cause I get dinner.