Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Heeeeerrrrre!

The pukey, icky, nauseated feeling that I've felt so many times before.

That beast called Morning Sickness.

That term would make me laugh hysterically if I didn't think I would vomit while doing so. It's such a temporary sounding term. And wouldn't it be nice if "morning sickness" only showed up between the hours of say, 6 am and 11 am? It certainly would make my life easier. Especially seeing that here I sit, typing away at 3:45 pm, nauseated as ALL GET OUT!

But I'm not bitter. Really.

It's also early this time. By 3 weeks. I'm not a happy camper about this. But alas, this is life among the pregnant, pukey masses. And I am their leader.

So, bear with me if posting is sporadic. Bear with me if I whine too much and talk of vomitous type things. Bear with me as I get through the next few months of lying on the couch, the bed, the bathroom floor and various and sundry places of comfort and non-comfort alike.

Because this is life. And while I may not be enjoying all of it right now.....

life is still good.


Jes said...

Wow! pregnant again? Congratulations!! I hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Lay it on us! We can handle it... we've all been there multiple times too. It's a carnival ride, isn't it! :)

Here's to hoping it passes quickly!!


Christine said...

Praying that your morning sickness goes by quickly!