Monday, December 31, 2007

Post Christmas Musings and a Few Pictures to Boot

I realize it's been approximately 5 days and 10 hours since I last posted, but let me tell has taken approximately that long for me to recover from one of the single most horrendous Christmas's I have ever experienced.

I kid you not.

All was not bad, but I can assure y'all that a significant portion of our holiday was nothing short can I say this....Hellish.

Yes. Yes, I believe that describes it quite well. However, I am choosing not to share that aspect of our holiday. Trust me, it's for your own well being. So, I will share the good parts. Because they were...well...really good.

Christmas morning with our children was simply wonderful and I can't say enough good things about that aspect of the holiday. I even surprised Monk by buying him Dallas Stars hockey tickets and a Voddie Baucham, Jr. book that he'd been wanting, amongst many other items of interest. And in return, he bought me an MP3 player, a PINK Texas Longhorns hoodie, 2 more Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, and the handy dandy One Touch Can Opener to replace the Pampered Chef one that has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth lately.

And some pictures to share:

The Boy doing his dead level best to look like a dork. He succeeded, I think.

Baby Girl playing with a few stocking stuffers. Made in China, of course. Because we care enough to buy the very best.

Mad Girl opening her hard back copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. It also included the movie with Gregory Peck. She is a classic literature lover she is.

Can anyone say Littlest Pet Shop?

Sis with her new American Girl Molly Art Studio and Cookbook. It's a keeper.

Me with incredibly bad Christmas morning hair and my new MP3 player which currently holds some Andrea Boccelli.

Baby Girl loving her new gift from Aunt T.

The Aftermath

And that concludes our brief look at Christmas morning a la Castle Monk. Hopefully, I will share some more aspects later, but right now it's time to do some shoppin' for our rockin' New Year's Eve Party tonight. Church people are so fun to party with! I see some Apples to Apples in my future!!

See y'all next year!


Shelly said...

Can't wait to party with you tonight!

Elisa said...

Yes. Isaac has Succeeded. :) I kinda like that hat in a wierd way. haha.

mindi said...

Hope your party was great. Love the pictures, you have a gorgeous family!!

Michelle said...


Yes, he succeeded. He also hand picked the hat from Target!