Monday, December 10, 2007

And FINALLY! The rest of my trip pictures...almost.

So, did y'all think something horribly tragic must have happened with my lengthy absence and all?

I didn't think so.

Honestly, it's Christmas time and life just seems to get a hundred times more difficult for a few days in December. We have something on our calender EVERY night this week! Ugh. But next week? Next week we got nuthin'! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, a few updates before the boring vacation pictures take over...again.


No really. He's a good driver and I'm happy for him. Well, mostly happy for me because now I can say to him, "Boy (and I do call him boy), go to the store and get some milk for your momma". Or how 'bout "Boy, go to the store and get Momma some medicine (medicine = chocolate around here). Anyway, it is nice to have another licensed driver in the house. Even if his insurance is an ever-lovin' fortune!

Alrighty then, on to the show.

Baby Girl learned to roll right before we left for Michigan. And that's pretty much what she did at Aunt T.'s house. She rolled
. Here, she's lamenting over the fact that her hair just will NOT lay down.

And this would pretty much be what Monk and my brother-in-law did most of the time. Sat in dual recliners with dual laptops. Should they be listening to "Dueling Banjos"? Okay, it's late and that was just stupid.
Somebody stop those wild and c
razy guys!

And this lovely shot would hav
e been taken on Thanksgiving morning when we awoke to freshly fallen snow. It looks as if we dragged our children from their warm beds and threw them out into the cold for some lame photo opportunity, huh? Well...we did. Just kidding! They are just Texas children and the thought of zipping their coats when it was only a mere 17 degrees outside just didn't occur to them.

And had we been playing charades, this would have been Baby Girl's imitation of baby Jesus lying in a manger.

Have you ever seen such
thunderous thighs in your life? And how about her cankles? (calves + ankles = cankles. It means there is not definition...they are one...can't tell them apart).

Only the single funnest game I
have ever played! We laughed until our sides hurt! This is a must have for your next party! Or family get together! Or family game night!

It is on sale at Target this week for only $17.99! It is normally $24.99! Quick, go there and get one!

Oh yeah. Monk also slept in the recliner. A lot.
But he was snuggling with his baby girl so it was totally allowed!
And just so you child does not have some weird hiney deformity. She wears cloth diapers and would appear that she has some major "junk in the trunk"!

And you couldn't find two sisters who loved each other more. They are truly a blessing!

And that would conclude day THREE of our trip pictures. But I did save the best for last. Yep. The trip home was certainly the best. Why, you ask? Because I was totally delirious and took some of the most insane pictures ever. I took more pictures of the trip home than I did the entire time we were actually in Michigan.

So, microwave the popcorn, pour an ice cold Coca-Cola and gather the children 'round, cause day FOUR is gonna be a hootin', hollerin' good time!

Or not.


Jes@beautyfromchaos said...

I LOVE the thighs!!! and your explanation of the cloth diapers. Sometimes I wonder if people think my daughter has some sort of deformity to her back side too. :)
You're girls are adorable!

Shelly said...

So was that the most snow the girls had ever seen?!

mindi said...

The photos are adorable - LOVE the chunky thighs. Baby fat is so sweet!!