Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Still Here...

Yes, I know, shame on me. I know it's been over a month since my last post. My poor, pregnant brain is just so full of sludge right now that it's not easy to concentrate these days. I've had a gazillion posts sloshing around in my head and you would think that I could get at least one of them down, but no, I cannot. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember what 99% of the gazillion posts I had were about. So here I am, aimlessly rambling. For the time being I will update all 2 people that still check me out! Most likely they know me and this will just be yadda, yadda for them. Oh well.

I know I mentioned The Mad Monk and I interviewing a midwife in one of my more ancient posts and I'm here to say that we've gone the way of midwifery! Hoorah! We really like whom we've chosen and I will be birthin' this baby at a birthing center! Whoa! New for us! This will be my 5th child, but it is like giving birth for the first time. I have no idea what to expect this go round. I mean, yes, I know I'll be having a baby and all, but it will be soooooo different than the usual hospital scene. Plus, the all-natural thing is a biggie. MadGirl was an all-natural birth -on accident that is. I was supposed to not feel anything, but she just came to quickly. So, I know I can do this, but there really is some major head games going on with me right now.

Anyway, I'm very excited and I'm confident that God has led us in our decision. I'm just so glad to not have to mess with the whole hospital thing. I'm not saying that it is all bad, but in general, women (husbands and wives actually) really need to inform themselves before making any decisions. Midwifery is safe and has been around FOREVER! My dear mother is completely freaking out over this and that is okay. I keep forgetting to remind her that she was born in a house!

Believe it or not, I am now 24 weeks along! Crazy, huh? I am OVER half way! Woo-Hoo! I still have struggles with my all-day sickness, but the medicine and time is doing wonders. I'm much better than I was the last post and I'm hoping that in another month I won't need the meds anymore. By the way, not sure if I shared this, but we had a sono and found out we're having.....drumroll puhleeeez.....another girl! She looked good in the sono and we are very happy to have another sweet daughter. She seems to be a Kung-Fu expert already as she regularly works out on kicking the daylights out of my innards! I really do love feeling her move inside of me. I truly think bonding begins in utero and I'm convinced this is one of the things to bring mother and baby closer together. The other girls are just dying to be able to feel her kicking, but she's not quite big enough yet for others to feel her. I keep telling them a few more weeks, but they seem to keep their hands plastered to my blossoming belly anyway.

Our biggest controversy right now is a name. I've had a name that I've loved for a long time and plan on using it in one way or another. Problem is, I broke the cardinal rule of baby naming and revealed the name to my sister who informed me that she didn't like it. Sigh. If I can give anyone out there any advice that's ever worth listening to, it is this: NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, reveal the name you and your husband have chosen for YOUR child until the baby is born and the birth certificate signed! For some reason people seem to think it is okay to give their opinion on the name you have chosen for your child. I love my sister VERY much, but I truly don't give a hoot if she doesn't like the name we've chosen. Don't tell. It just saves a lot of heartache in the end.

In other news, I've had a benign skin cancer removed from my nose and a skin graft done to help with scarring. The whole family has been soooooo sick over the last 3 weeks that we have gone through 13 boxes of tissue! No joke. Try having stitches in the side of your nose and then having copious amounts of "drainage" that needs to be blown out every 30 minutes. Not fun people, not fun. After tomorrow, 5 of our 6 family members will have been to the dr. in the last 3 weeks.
Since my last post we have had to replace a washer, stove, hot water heater, van brakes, van radiator hose and now the lawn mower has broken. But on a brighter note, The Mad Monk has officially fixed the toilet in our bedroom that has been not functioning normal for months! Might I add that while he was completing this last night we were under a tornado warning and having to take cover in our laundry room!! Ha, gotta love Texas!

Must head to bed now, but hopefully I will grow a brain and think of some of the gazillion great posts I've had at one time or another. Or not.

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