Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's WHAT time?

Yes kiddies, it's 4:20am! Why, pray tell, are you up MadMomma you might ask? Well, it seems that when my internal clock wakes me every morning at the wee hour of 3am to take care of ...ahem..."personal business" that for some reason a false message is sent to my brain that screams, "WAKE UP"! So, alas, here I am.

I tried to avoid getting out of my warm, toasty bed to no avail. My wee little peanut growing within me began begging for nourishment. I'm talking stomach growling, threatening to make me sick lest I get up and give it something. So, with great apprehension I crawled from my warm abode, out into the chilly kitchen and fixed myself what else but a bowl of cereal. Cinnamon Life to be exact.

I also had to go stealing through the house to find the most convenient lap top to confiscate. It trulsy felt James Bondish. So here I sit, trying to tire myself out so I can hopefully go back to sleep. This is not going to make for a fun day today.

I'm hoping that this is a sign that maybe I'm coming out of the morning (snicker) sickness stage of my pregnancy and into my "hungry all the time" stage. Not likely for me seeing that in the past these to stages seem perfectly happy to coincide with one another.

I will say this, it is rather creepy sitting here alone in the dark. Every little sound seems to be magnified. Our cat Hootie totally freaked me out a little while ago. I deposited my cereal bowl on our coffee table in front of me and as I was looking around on the computer he began to lick the bowl. Sounds like no big deal, but you try to remain calm in the middle of the night while the cat licks your cereal bowl and you have every cheesy, horror movie you ever saw in your depraved youth fleeting through your mind!

Speaking of midwives...

Okay, so there was no viable way to segue into this subject. Give me a break, it is now 4:35am and I'm fading fast. Aaaaannnnyway, the Mad Monk and I went to visit a midwife the other day. Mind you, I've had all four of my previous children in hospitals, with OB's attending the birth. What an eye opening experience! I was so impressed. I will hopefully blog an entire post devoted to this subject, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. I already owe you my "thought provoking" post I mentioned last time, but I wasn't prepared to do that in the wee hours of the night. I will actually have to think for that one.

Well, now that my cereal has digested I think I'm going to head back to bed and try to grab a few more hours of sleep. Adieu and good night. :)

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