Monday, June 16, 2008


8 yo Sis went to the doctor today for what we thought was swimmer's ear.

Alas, it was a full blown, knock down, drag out ear infection. This would explain the excruciating pain she was in yesterday and last night.

Did you know that one can perform amazingly well at 4 am when awakened by blood-curdling screams? I mean, I didn't know I had it in me to jump out of bed quite that fast anymore. I had the speed and agility of a cat.

Oh alright, I was stumbling around like a drunken sailor, but I got the girl her medicine and tucked back in bed and all was well. Except for the fact that my stomach began growling at me, telling me to feed it. I told it to shut up and go back to sleep, I was too tired to chew. Amazingly listened.

After the doctor's office today we went to Costco to fill the prescription. I did some light shopping while there and decided I needed some medicine of my own.

I BOUGHT A COCONUT CREAM PIE THAT'S BIGGER THAN MONK'S HEAD!! And that's big my friends! This thing is huge! My children and Monk so totally appreciate my crazy (sometimes sweet) food cravings.

And I wonder why I need maternity clothes already.

But hey, I'm coping.


Shelly said...

Bless her heart! Ear infections are the worst!

I like your form of medication! Mine would have to have chocolate as an ingredient though!

Jenn said...

I hope she starts feeling better soon and I would have to agree with the chocolate,however all last fall while I was pregnant I wanted cheeseburgers or chips and salsa the whole time and never sweets!

Christine said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you get a nap! I am so sorry that your daughter is suffering an ear infection; that sounds so painful.Blessings!

mindi said...

oh no - ear infections and lack of sleep are bad things!!
Glad you made it back safely from your trip, I HEAR YOU on the flying thing. Shiver. Get some rest, and let the laundry pile up :D

Dawn said...

Mmmmm coconute cream pie...yum!!!
But then again, anything with sugar in it is pretty good :)

I hope your little one is feeling better! Poor thing...

I hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week!

God Bless,
Dawn (new reader...and soon to be a Texas resident in 15 days...woohooo)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Okay...Coconut Cream pie?! That sounds like my version of food heaven!
Costco rocks! It trumps all other food stores. Well, except Wegmans. But between the two of them I could be happy forever. :)

Maternity clothes = comfort. (Usually) Who doesn't love not having to unzip your pants to go to the bathroom??! Bring 'em on!


Michelle said...

Who says I don't want cheeseburgers and chips, too? Hmm?

I thought of you the other day with poor Lex. You, my dear, are the queen of the ear infection.

Nice to "meet" you. Yeah for Texas!

You are definitely right! About Costco and maternity pants.
Quite handy during turbulence in an airplane bathroom. The maternity pants, that is. :)