Friday, June 02, 2006


Once again, long ago in April, I posted concerning a trip to Phoenix that The Mad Monk and I were able to take courtesy of hubby's job. It was a short trip. Like 36 hours short. This would include 4 flights and 8 hours of sleep in this 36 hour window.
We shared a burger and fries at the airport around noon on the day we left. Two flights, a trip to his office and after checking in at the hotel we realize we are starved. Because of the time change we didn't realize we hadn't eaten in 8 hours!! The kind people at The Outback Steakhouse were nice enough to keep their hands out of the way as we inhaled out food!
However, I have to say that the very BEST part about the trip was this bed at the hotel!!
It was King size, it had 6 down pillows and a down comforter ---ALL FOR US! I have never slept so well and been so comfy in my life! We also had a nice view from the hotel room. The only other exciting thing that happened was probably when I had The Mad Monk shoot across 3 lanes of traffic to pull into a parking lot after I spotted a Goodwill! Hey, I found a brand new denim skirt! I say it was Providential. The Mad Monk says it was suicide.

The biggest hightlight of the trip, however, was the flight home. You would think if one is flying from Phoenix to Dallas that one would head due East, right? nope. The herded us to --of all places-- Las Vegas first. Then, just to make the evening more exciting, the trip from Vegas to Dallas was packed like a sardine can in the aircraft with the smallest seats known to man! Sweet hubby and I were in the very last row in the back where it felt like the engine was in our lap. Not to mention that the poor man across the aisle was so large that he took up half the aisle when seated. He had to get up and walk to the back of the plane every time someone needed to use the restroom. There was no rest to be had by anyone in the back row. Finally, it just had to become humorous and we just laughed the rest of the way home.

I will say this though....I STILL don't like to fly and I much prefer Texas any day! Posted by Picasa

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