Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 2nd Birthday Party...

Poor Hope. It really stinks being the 5th child. Actually, if you ask Olivia, she might tell you it stinks being the 4th child, too. And little Charlotte just doesn't have a chance at all, I'm afraid.

Birthday celebrations just seem to get more and more difficult with each child I have. Somewhere in all the hubbub of vacations, broken water pipes, broken air conditioning, broken ankles (it was a month of brokenness apparently!), Hope's 2nd birthday party just didn't happen.

::slapping myself:: Bad momma.

So because of the current state of my ankle bone, we knew a bigger family birthday party just wasn't gonna happen. I can barely get to the bathroom, much less try and get things read for a birthday party. So we improvised.

We decided that we would have a mini, mini, mini, mini birthday party for her this past Sunday. There were no party plates or hats, no balloons, no special outfits and no guests other than me and Monk and her 4 sisters. The cake was and $8 chocolate cake from Wal-Mart and the two gifts she received from Monk and I weren't even wrapped.

This little party we had went against everything I have ever believed that a birthday party should be. I felt like we had somehow let Hope down and gypped her of her special day. (Because we all know that when you deny your 2 year old a birthday party she will most definitely need therapy as an adult, right?) I felt that having this sort of impromptu party was somehow a major fail on my part.

But you know what? I was wrong. Dead wrong.

This little mini family party turned out to be one of the single most enjoyable birthday parties I've ever had with one of my children. There was no frantic shopping, or cleaning, or decorating. It was just us and our sweet 2 year old girl.

SHE didn't care that there weren't party plates and hats. SHE didn't care that there weren't balloons. SHE didn't care that her gifts weren't wrapped or that she ate an $8 Wal-Mart cake. She just smiled and giggled and loved the fact that we sang Happy Birthday to her.

And that my friends, is not a fail. It's what celebrating is all about. As a matter of fact, after it was all over I began to ask myself why I hadn't done most of our previous birthday parties this way. It was fun, relaxing and best of all .... I wasn't in a bad mood beforehand. Or during. Or after. I just enjoyed laughing and smiling at my sweet girl.

And just so you know that Hope had a great time .... here are a few pictures to prove it!

The $8 Wal-Mart cake


This is what she looked like when she saw daddy bringing her gifts!

Her new puzzles and puzzle rack...

The child has a fettish for picking her nose ...

She had just discovered her new Mega Blocks

Hmmm... what's in here?

Building, building, building...

And then there was cake ...

... and just so I don't forget her dimples and rolls...

She's a lot like her mother where the cake is concerned ...


Elisabeth Carol said...

These are SO cute! Hope is about the cutest & craziest 2 yr old.

Jes said...

Hope is precious! That cake looks to die for...even if it came from Walmart!

Jennifer said...

So sweet. 2 year olds are easy to please. 4 year olds? Not so much! ;)
WHERE did you get that puzzle rack??? I need one!
I'm so sorry you're going to be "laid up" for so long. Praying for patience and strength to make it through! :)

Sarah R said...

Hope cracks me up. That face when she saw her presents is just the best.
Simple parties are always best. Although I wonder why you didn't make Ina's homemade chocolate cake that she made for Jeffrey on their 39th anniversary, hmmmm?
(gosh I need a life.)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Eve has been the only one to have a "big" birthday party. The others have just had family ones.

Simple is so good!

Hope is ROCKIN' the bob, I tell ya. She looks pleased as pudding!

And the cake...YUM!


Hilary said...

Cute!! hey we've had that cake before too and it's yummy! How fun!! Hope your getting better too that darn foot :)

Jill said...

She is just about the most photogenic child ever (even when picking her nose, which I find hysterical)! I LOVE simple birthday parties...it is the ONLY kind we ever have. I was sixteen before I had an "official" birthday party and I am not warped...oh wait, you may not want to dwell on that too long. Anyway, glad you all had fun. Hope is adorable!

mindi said...

The simplest are the best. That's what we did this year with Hunter, and what we'll do with Gwen and Lex. Easier is definitely less stress and happier!!
Hope you heal fast . . .