Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vision Forum Goodies!

Wow! One of my very favorite blogs is Kim over at Life in a shoe.
If you've never read her blog the you need to head over there right now! More than just her hysterical adventures involving her beautiful family (she's the mom of 8!), she also has great advice of large family management and homeschooling. Kim is very fortunate to live in San Antonio TX where her hubby is the warehouse manager for Vision Forum.

If you've never been to the Vision Forum website you MUST go now! (But not before you finish reading this!) Vision Forum is a wonderful place to find Godly materials concerning the Christian walk. Plus, they sell good quality toys and books for children!

Here's the best part! Vision Forum is sponsoring a contest on Kim's blog and when you enter you could possibly win $700 in VF merchandise!!! Is that fantastic or what? If you've ever purchased from Vision Forum then I'm sure you're ditching my blog to head over there right now, right? If you've never purchased from Vision Forum then you MUST, MUST, MUST go and enter now!
To take advantage of this wonderful contest you need to Go here.
Follow Kim's directions for entering and pray that God is providential in your winning! Afterall, who needs luck when you're feeling providential!!

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